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Follow the step-by-step instructions from the Vendor User Guide to create a free vendor account. When creating an account, select the appropriate categories that is relevant to your business. You will receive weekly email notification on new bid opportunities that match the categories selected.

After creating a free vendor account, you may choose to get a subscription. There are two subscription fee options available:

  • Unlimited annual subscription fee of $399.00 – With this option you can bid as many times as you like with all of the organizations posting their bid opportunities on bids&tenders. Your email notification on new bid opportunities will be upgraded to a daily email notification.
  • Pay-per-bid opportunity fee of $119.76 – This option is suggested for those who only bid a few times a year.

Note: it is the vendor's responsibility to keep his or her profile information current and correct.

Supply Chain Diversity Program


The City of Brampton is creating an opportunity to embed supplier diversity as part of the City’s Invitational Procurement process. Suppliers who would like to participant in this program will have to be certified as a diverse supplier through established non-profit supplier certification organizations such as:

Note: Some membership fees may apply. Contact the certification organizations directly for more information.


Organization Details

Certified Diverse Supplier

A certified diverse supplier is any business or enterprise that is certified by a Supplier Certification Organization to be more than 51% (majority) owned, managed and controlled by persons belonging to an equity-seeking community or a social purpose enterprise. These communities include, but are not limited to, women, aboriginal people, visible minorities/racialized people, veterans, persons with disabilities and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Two-spirit (LGBTQ2S) community. Agencies may request proof of Certification during the bidding process.


Would you like to be an Emergency Vendor? 

In the event of an emergency, for example power outages, extreme weather situation, fires, floods hazardous spills and health emergencies, the City of Brampton may reach out to vendors that listed themselves as Emergency Vendor to provide goods and/or services. This is not a commitment to purchase. 

If your company is able to respond to emergency situations, please indicate yes and provide specific emergency contact information in the contacts section below. 



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Agency Notifications


All contact listed in your vendor account, will have authority to act on your company’s behalf. It is your sole responsibility to keep your additional invited contact(s) current and delete any contacts that you DO NOT want to have access to your vendor account.

All contacts in your vendor account will:

  • Receive email notification on new bid opportunities
  • Receive email correspondence and have access to view, edit, submit and/or withdraw bids
  • Receive email correspondence and have access to view and upload documents pertaining to the contract awarded to your company (ie. purchase order, WSIB, insurance documents, agreements)

To invite additional contacts to your vendor account, click on the “Invite Another Contact” button and type the contact name and email address of the person you wish to add.

If you are a company that has been sent an invitation to bid it is imperative that you create your login from the link contained in the email invitation. DO NOT go to the City of Brampton’s Bid Opportunity website and create a separate vendor account.

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